Supercharging Logistics Traceability

Elevating Your Brand through Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Transparency

Shipping and Packages

Improved accuracy of package delivery through blockchain-based real-time tracking.


Streamlining your Operations: managing every phase of supply chain through Process Tracking and Logistics Management


Automated tracking of packages from point of origin to point of delivery, providing end-to-end traceability


Increased efficiency and speed of delivery, with reduced risk of lost or damaged shipments.


Seamless Integration: connecting your supply chain with IoT and your ERP through user-friendly API interfacing

Data Analytics

Getting the big picture: analyzing every package and delivery thanks to data Reporting

Key to Increased Consumer Trust

Blockchain technology is a real game-changer for the logistics industry. By using the DApps, Companies can ensure that their shipments are tracked in a secure, immutable and transparent manner helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency by streamlining the entire supply chain process.

The blockchain can also be used to ensure that all contracts and documents related to the shipment are securely stored and validated,additionally, it can provide insights into the performance of the logistics Companies, helping to make better decisions and improve services.

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Easy to Use with Tons of Awesome Features

Experience seamless supply chain traceability with RevoLogistics - the simplest and most complete blockchain solution for the logistics industry. Effortlessly integrate with your existing ERP, IoT devices, and management systems, with quick and comprehensive support always available.

  • Enterprise Ready
  • 100% Customizable
  • 24/7 Support
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Why Choose RevoLogistics?

Logistic traceability is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety, quality, and sustainability of the packages everyday people and companies order. Let yourself be guided by those who understand!


Helps in tracking the journey of products from package to delivery, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any issues that may arise during the supply chain process.


Helps to build consumer trust, increase transparency, and reduce the risk of mistakes, ehnce boosting productivity.


Helps Customers to better understand the supply chain and make informed decisions about transportation services.


Paving the way for a more efficient and paperless logistics ecosystems, granted by a public blockchain technology.

Built on REVO

REVO delivers unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and security for enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

Top Tier Developers

Built with love by core Blockchain Devs, granting high levels of performances and security!